Jio DTH available with lifetime free channels at Rs 10? Here’s the truth

Jio DTH available with lifetime free channels at Rs 10? Here’s the truth

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Ever since its foray into the telecom sector of India, Reliance Jio has witnessed an overwhelming spur that has undoubtedly left the incumbents aghast, so much so that they are bound to offer their tariff plans to match up with Jio. The reason why Jio is a hot topic in the country is its affordable pricing for the services it offers. Jio has so far captured the telecom market in India and is gradually pacing towards other sectors.

Last year, it was highly speculated that Jio will venture into DTH domain of the country with its ultra-affordable Jio DTH set-top box. While there was no announcement about it, Internet has taken its full advantage to lure unaware people into scams and frauds. Unlawfully using Jio’s hype, these swindlers have been successful in spreading cyber crimes. Now, there is a new scam about Jio Phone and Jio DTH that is reportedly circulating on social media, which is causing the victims to fall for it and give away their bank and card details to someone with nasty intentions.

Folks at Deccan Chronicle claim to have received an SMS that carries a text similar to the scams that lures the reader to click on the embedded link in the SMS right away and get into uninvited trouble. The SMS reads – “JIO PHONE & DTH Rs. 10 only for lifetime free channels register now offer for 1st 1000 customers avail this offer Book now”. The SMS looks enticing enough to compel any uninformed reader to click on the link just to be among the first buyers before the products go out of stock considering their dirt cheap price.

Upon clicking the link, a webpage opens with URL – ‘’ – that looks conspicuously legitimate and original as the actual Jio website. The banners and other elements of the website are exactly in place they are seen on Jio website. Now, the moment you click the Book button, you will be redirected to the payments page where you will see two options to making the payment – debit card and credit card. The ensuing webpages on both the options ask you to enter your card details including card number, expiry date, and CVV code. Moreover, you are even asked about your card pin, date of birth, and card holder’s name, which seems suspicious.

However, if you are still confident about the truthfulness of the procedure and click Make Payment button, you will encounter an unexpected error. Instead of redirecting to the bank’s payment page where OTP is entered, you see a message that reads – “Oops!!!! Transaction declined by your Bank.” While this can be easily passed as some bank-side or network-related issue, the second attempt to make the payment shows the same error message unsurprisingly.

Now, if you have received this SMS and fallen for it by giving away all your card details, then you should be concerned as those details are now available for malicious activities including some kind of cybercrime or illegal money transfer. Reliance Jio has not launched its Jio DTH service yet, however, the Jio Phone being talked about in the SMS is available with a certain procedure and an initial payment of at least Rs 500 of the total Rs 1,500 amount, which is refundable if you meet Jio’s conditions.

Moreover, the website that opens by clicking on the link given in the SMS is not https secured. All the websites that embed any payment interface are mandated to bear at least 128-bit encryption with https security. The URL ‘’ isn’t a valid website URL related to Reliance Jio or its products.

In case you have shared your details on the website, it is recommended to change your online banking passwords, card passwords as soon as possible. However, if you receive an SMS showing any suspicious transaction done on your credit or debit card, you may as well get your card blocked right away.




Source by:- financialexpress